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SOUNDS OF SEAS.  Experiencing SOUND is ONLY possible in the NOW!

Feel free to share or give your written experience in the box below, what sounds are doing for you.


Seasounds at Straub Park – North Downtown Waterfront Park Saint Petersburg Florida from Péron van Stralen on Vimeo.

Everywhere I visit on the planet Earth I like be aware of the sounds at seas. Being aware and the only focus on listening to the sounds brings by more experience awareness in the moment.

Experiencing SOUND is ONLY possible in the NOW!


2014 Greece Corfu SOUNDS:

After sunset:
Listen to the sounds of the Sea. When you are stressed out and thinking to all the things you need to do (as you say so, your ego says so) or what could happen, you’re not in the Now.

When you are consciously listening you are getting easy in the now. Just practice and you’ll experience that to use your senses very consciously your getting easier in the now. There it is what it is about in life.

Enjoy your experience. Your life. Make it great as it is in the now.


At the most northerly point of Corfu there is his beach with such a nice clear water and lovely sound of the waves of the seas.

Do you feel the energy?

When you listen.

Do feel the water coming over your feet?
Do you smell the salt and the freshness of it?

And do you taste the salt if the water when you swim in it?

Be aware in the now and experience the now always. It’s only that what is.

If you’re stressed about happenings in your life, focus for a while with your senses on the now. Stress is getting less.

Practice and train yourself to get in the now consciously when needed.

Create your days great.

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