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Experience your 7th sense February 1th 2014

During these days I am preparing the presentation which I will do at the 1th of February. It will be on stage in La Jolla – California in the US.   Because it’s the first presentation about the topics and benefits you can get out of this book I am searching for the best practices. The crazy thing is that it is the complete book that I have in mind. How can I tell the content and the benefits in just one half an hour? I am asking myself: what would I want to know about the book that I can tell about. Why should should someone read the book? […]

Unlocking Your 7th Sense

It will be launched at the end of January in La Jolla, California US. On stage. At the Marketing & Speaking World Summit in 2014. Bericht door Freed EGO.

MILESTONE – Writing part FREED-EGO has been FINISHED!

A huge milestone has been reached today. In 26 days written. The idea to do so, banged in my head on Monday-morning 1st of July 2013. Now 30 days later approximate 60,500 words later I did finish this book. Handwriting. This works for me the best. It feels great that I did it this fast. Faster than the last time in 2011. With almost the double amount of words. This can be a bit different because this is written in English, the last one in Dutch. In Dutch there are less words due to the combined words which in English stays separate. Nevertheless. I did it and it feels good. […]

Learn while you write!

I am learning while I am writing. It doesn’t amaze me anymore. First quarter has been written. It goes on and on. Have you experienced your EGO, with the non supportive version? It says: who is telling, what you’ve been writing is interesting for them? At this moment it is me who’s in charge. Not my EGO. If I would listen, I surely didn’t write at all. Lucky me is that. I heard before that my writing is ok. OK not for everyone, so that’s not my concern at this moment. The now written part won’t be available. Pffff……

Writing Process

The first chapter has been written. It feels great to have the pen floating on the paper as almost as fast as i can talk. It’s not possible to stop the pen. Have you ever had that feeling? It will be a masterpiece. Says Who? It’s just the way you look at it.

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