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Obstacles opportunities


Opportunities are coming and going. Letting go a lot of them are challenges. You make it all up in your mind. Letting go is working supportive. When you do more things at the same time, like multitasking as people call it, it isn’t easy to focus. You lose focus with multitasking right away. Now what I am experiencing to put myself in total focus on a topic is to speak or write like this post as fast as possible to avoid distraction things. Then the “unconscious” mind is talking and find the best information you want to get out. Purpose and experience The things you want to get done in […]

Search for Soul in Business Life


A couple of weeks ago I went for a Mastermind Business trip to the Bahamas. And since I am spending time together with this group, I am experiencing most of the time higher energy levels. My own level of consciousness is rising without any kind of pushing it to higher levels. This is coming too from the people where I am easily connected with.   At an early morning I was laying in my bed and was well awake. The time difference in this case was 6 hours from the Netherlands. So what I mostly do is creating for myself on the day schedule a time difference of the half. I use to rise at […]

Liberation-day Everyday


Choice Freedom of choice is the issue we are facing in the Netherlands today. Free thinking of whatever you want is the  a massive value. We, as I say so in the Netherlands and I feel like a world citizen instead of a Dutch citizen, are celebrating this day of liberation day from the second World war and all other wars after that. In my experience, how I look at it, it never disappears that there are people in this world who are not thinking this way in life of freedom. They want others to do or be behaving in a certain way that if you’re not doing this or […]

More than 13 years for the same boss?


13 years anniversary of business It is amazing to say that I never worked for a boss longer than five years. It’s getting long. I just received congrats on my Linkedin profile for the anniversary of thirteen years. Since I started the journey with my Dutch company Péron Liftadvies, the way I could ‘manage’ it to

Sharing is caring


It has been a long time now I didn’t share anything on this site. I had a lot of other priorities. Running a business. Having adversities in life and business as everyone has.   Normal is not normal. Is it a way of living to not daring to share my thoughts. Or are it just priorities as said? A thought came up in my mind that I still do have ideas of ego judgments are coming up. What if I am not known for sharing this in certain areas? In my business life, which is actually no difference as life, a lot of my business contacts don’t have a clue […]

Excerpt book on

Now there is some more information about the insight of the book at The Dutch most influential online bookstore.

Where to get the book

Freed EGO – Unlocking your 7th Sense Available at Barnes & Nobles

Creation of Freed EGO explained

The creation of the book Freed EGO explained by Péron van Stralen.

San Diego CA – Inspiring Places

Look at the waves, the sky and the beach. Hear the sound of the breaking waves at the shore. The sound is never the same. Do you smell the saltwater? Do you know how the salt water taste?    

Blown away review Ine van Hofstraten

This morning after the yesterday first presentation of the book, I was half asleep and my mind was running and going about what happened yesterday. I couldn’t sleep well anymore 5:30 . I step out of my bed. look at my phone in my e-mail.. It’s 9 hours time difference and I definitely want to stay in touch with my family. There was one e-mail. With the first review of my book form a best selling Belgian author friend. It blew me away. Read This (No words for me anymore):   About ‘Freed Ego‘ – Unlocking Your 7th Sense by Péron van Stralen   With his book Freed Ego, Péron […]

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