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Peron-infoWho is Péron van Stralen?

With his first company since 2002 he constantly get in the way of the elevator industry, as his mission is to create a perfect balance between the selling and buying parties. He’s known as the International Whistle Blower of the Elevator World. He is born and lives with his wife and three daughters in the Netherlands (Holland for American) in Europe. Where he’s grown up in life and business life in the Elevator World with all challenges as anyone can have.  Nowadays as successful business owner and multiple entrepreneur, author and international speaker.

Material goals are boring

He liked his work and business but had such a strong disbelief that it was his real purpose. While chasing every time higher set number goals after summer vacation in 2011 he couldn’t walk those twenty meters to his wood cabin in his garden. It’s the office of his business for the last seven years. But as he told he had the struggle for a feeling of a contribution. That needed to change. He wrote his first book:

Social Accepted Bribing

In 2011 he released his first Dutch (MVO – Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Opgelicht) written book with the title ‘Social Accepted Bribing’. He wrote as follows:  They hold something out to you, and your ego tells you “awesome, I need that. I really want that”. But looking back you realize that it was a bad choice to buy it. That’s because you didn’t ask yourself “do I really need it?” You sometimes don’t know that, because you haven’t learned how to research your own needs. This story based book is about the secrets in the Elevator World what the industry don’t tell their clients.


For Péron doing business is a bit of a game. But he can’t stand it when companies give false impressions to their clients, without researching what the need of the client really is. It’s  stated on the last page of his first book “on the move for backboneability”. He is searching for backboneability. His motto is: “With everything you do, do it with your heart”. Show your backboneability. Stand for your own values and the needs of your client.

Freed EGO

During his trainings for personal and business development last year he had to write a book about one’s inner world. As he’s very practical he never thought he would write about a spiritual side of the mind. However he just needed to write it before his next business-book about balance in purchasing and selling for business owners. As he says it’s essential for him and anyone to get in balance in business, you need to find first personal balance as he did himself. So he wrote his next book: Freed EGO. It’s about “Unlocking Your 7th Sense”. In this book with stories, practicalities and instructions, he’ll guide you to find abundance as he calls it in every moment as needed.


BACKBONEABLE Business Strategies

The Book: EGO – Energy Goes Overall

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The Book: MVO – Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Opgelicht (Social Accepted Bribing)

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