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Obstacles opportunities
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Opportunities are coming and going. Letting go a lot of them are challenges. You make it all up in your mind. Letting go is working supportive. When you do more things at the same time, like multitasking as people call it, it isn’t easy to focus. You lose focus with multitasking right away. Now what I am experiencing to put myself in total focus on a topic is to speak or write like this post as fast as possible to avoid distraction things. Then the “unconscious” mind is talking and find the best information you want to get out.

Purpose and experience

The things you want to get done in your life are bringing big obstructions. That is how I experience them Now. I can go on and on, which I will do anyway, and try to do it all on my own. When you ask for help to the right people you will be amazing what is possible. The issues you have are mostly the idea or the illusion you don’t want to change. It is mostly the way you look at things. You are searching for another outcome. Change means mostly that you are feeling comfortable doing things in a certain way and don’t want to change because you might be afraid. Be afraid of the needs to get your self in a new habit, a new direction and you don’t now how to finance things.

I didn’t learn that in my younger years. To search for ways to fund things of business to get somewhere or to hit certain goals. My daughters are ‘learning’ that you need money to buy things. They know that for a long time already. We were lately discussing at the dinner-table that having to work and doing some work and you get paid by the hour, you are getting narrow casted. There is nothing wrong with doing things when you get paid by the hour, however it is narrow-casting your thoughts. Always thinking how to get things done and need money to get it done. Now when your thoughts are limiting about you have to work for the money first you will stuck at some points.

Now what is it what I actually want tell is that during the building of my Internet solutions for one of my businesses means that I don’t know how it must be done. Having a lot of possibilities tested and still struggling. Paid a lot of money to different people and organizations and still experiencing that I have to do first myself a lot of work.

The funny thing is when I am going on and busy with building it myself I change my experience on this. Because I am look forward to a big move, a Backboneable movement to get a mayor change done in our world society I see  I am still making steps.

Because of my why I defined a couple of years ago, very clearly.


It is all according to my why and the direction I want to go in life. These  actions I take, like writing this blogpost does the same to me. It is a step in the direction to get there where I want to go. The experience of now is counting. Even when I am not getting there it still is important.


Did I tel you already where I want to go? I’ll keep it a secret to my next post.


What is your challenge today. How do you want to change? Or do you want others do the change for you?


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