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Search for Soul in Business Life

A couple of weeks ago I went for a Mastermind Business trip to the Bahamas. And since I am spending time together with this group, I am experiencing most of the time higher energy levels. My own level of consciousness is rising without any kind of pushing it to higher levels. This is coming too from the people where I am easily connected with.


At an early morning I was laying in my bed and was well awake. The time difference in this case was 6 hours from the Netherlands. So what I mostly do is creating for myself on the day schedule a time difference of the half. I use to rise at 7 or 8 and at the Bahamas I rose at 5 am. So I was early before we went to the groups meeting and I wanted to spend my time valuable. In this case I went back to bed and set myself in a state of enlightenment. You might have had these kinds of experiences too. If not, I could explain it like sleeping with your eyes open. Being aware of my mind and my body in total rest state.


At a certain point I just got it upcoming. This new title of my new book:S4S-BL


The 7 Stages of growth for well hearted business ownership

The Search for Soul in Business life.




Now I was very exited at this. I got myself awake, my body, and got my phone to put it right in  a post on Facebook in a group. The two times I had before to write a book I started in a couple of days after the idea. Now I still am preparing things for the marketing. To get it on the right places, get it on the right plan. For the book Freed Ego I did not have the same experience, however I had that idea popping up in my car, while singing, Andrea Bocelli’s “Because we believe” on my way of the last day of a 3-day training for Speaking & Marketing. The difference was and is, to get the best effort and results in marketing, is planning stuff. And actualy it hits right away in a muslce in my back during writing. It is not right to bother.


I will write the book anyway without bothering about the marketing. And still do it different. I have a question for you. Will you help a bit with this? Will you be part of the process? Are you interested what the book is about?


Please give me some questions what you want to know and how I can get your attention. Because I want to help you forward with insights. Not because I want to make money on the first place here, but want to find a way to make it interesting for you to watch, read and buy.


Are you willing to buy before I wrote the book? When you do, so say ‘YES’ in the comment-box.


Thanks for your interest so far.

Create a great weekend.


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