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More than 13 years for the same boss?
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13 years anniversary of business

It is amazing to say that I never worked for a boss longer than five years. It’s getting long. I just received congrats on my Linkedin profile for the anniversary of thirteen years. Since I started the journey with my Dutch company Péron Liftadvies, the way I could ‘manage’ it to work for the same boss is a bit unexpected. It’s actually just popping up in my mind. What I changed mostly to keep in line with ‘the boss’ who I am watching everyday in the mirror, is changing myself. Changing my views on life, on business.


The company is still growing, not that fast as my ego wants. It brings challenges all the time. Yesterday I had a great conversation with one of my clients, who I do know for more than ten years now. As we speak there is a chemistry about how we talk about things on a level as I see it that he grew too. The thing is what I actually wrote in my first (Dutch) book SAB – Socially Accepted Bribing (MVO – Maatshappelijk Verantwoord Opgelicht, Dec. 2011) is that what you want to see is what you let come in your eye-sight.


I used to think that this is manipulated by the media for the majority of the people in our world society with the Internet and all social media of today. It is not how it works. For me anymore. I decide to skip a lot of information I don’t need. I received a Post of Laurel Geise, a business friend of mine with a special knowledge and connection. This post was saying that the answers you are looking for are not outside, they are found inside your mind. I totally agree on this. I used the word Innernet in a comment on this topic. This word is the new way of staying connected. For me it is actually not new. It is a very old way we are not used to learn with are standard educational systems. We lost this form of communication long ago.

Core or Innernet

It is about time to get back to the core, to get back where you lost track, to be aware of how we are behaving. To understand what emotions are doing and where they are coming from.


In my business contacts in this Dutch business, a lot of people don’t have a clue what I am talking about. The thing is what my mind actually does is that the people that are knowing me longer are experiencing a change. Was it my Midlife crisis? I wrote it in the book, Freed EGO. That if it was, then give another one. As I see it now it is a inner growth that has changed a lot of my speaking and my way of communication.


What I actually want to say is that the changes of the world you see are the changes on the views you made for yourself. As I experience these conversations with older relations I am experiencing my change even more consciously. The transformations I made are helping me forward. In a way I do have to admit that there are still some feelings inside myself that are looking a bit similaras fears. Fears for daring to communicate with these older relations in the way I communicate nowadays.

Fear or heartfeeling

This experience I can say now is that it is coming from my core being to share way of changes are directed form my heart. To be selective who I do share my insights and visions on things. When it feels right I can speak to the right person. This means that there is no need to think it is a fear or some kind of feeling to dare to share and being myself as I was and am. The cover I used to use for decades is fallen off. People are noticing this. I am noticing the change, by communicating with these older relations when I did not see  them for a longer period.


Another thing is that I am getting bored sometimes fast when I am on a level of consciousness and my surroundings are somewhere on there ego levels. I learned to be aware of that and learned to let go that judgement of getting bored. It is an ego thing. While I am somewhere in any situation i find a function and joy of experience in everything. That feeling of confidence with whatever happens.


Look different to yourself, look different to others. Get back inside and find your answers. On the Innernet. Create it great and live it NOW.


What are your opinions on what Innernet is? Feel free, follow your heart to comment and share.




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