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Liberation-day Everyday
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Freedom of choice is the issue we are facing in the Netherlands today. Free thinking of whatever you want is the  a massive value. We, as I say so in the Netherlands and I feel like a world citizen instead of a Dutch citizen, are celebrating this day of liberation day from the second World war and all other wars after that. In my experience, how I look at it, it never disappears that there are people in this world who are not thinking this way in life of freedom. They want others to do or be behaving in a certain way that if you’re not doing this or that, you will be tortured or murdered.

Ego driven

We all think in our world it is not happening when there’s no war close to yourself. It still is happening in a way. It is a big fear in life in our mind that is popping up all the time. That thought of when I am not doing this I will die. Or I will have no money to live or I will have no food to live if I don’t do this or that. In our civilized society this is  true in a way, however the thoughts are coming from the mind. Our ego driven mind. These thoughts are coming from an expected outcome. Because you have seen things from the past. What happens if you’re not open to new things, the patterns of believes or experiences are shutting you down. I do have these experiences myself.

Past => awareness

Don’t you? When you feel these fears or just thoughts of happenings from the past are coming again in the same way, that by letting these thoughts go, and find ways you influence your future easily. By doing things different now and you think you go out of your comfort zone, the future is going to be different.  Why keep looking to the past? To be aware of the patterns that are non-supportive. To be aware that to influence life and humanity for the positive to do it now differently. To watch from different angles. It is all in my mind happening. The influence of the person is tremendous. Behave and do what is good for your values in life. Be enthusiastic about it. Spread your word. And see and experience the journey to freedom. To be freed from and be freed with ego.


Ego is needed as much as it is to avoid to be at the front. Let ego go at the times as you want and your life and all the people around you will be influenced with love, light and energy easily.

Have a great day, you can create it great. You are the influencer in your life. Just BE.





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