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Sharing is caring
copy of Rodin Thinker, created by Auguste Rodin at the end of the 18 century

It has been a long time now I didn’t share anything on this site. I had a lot of other priorities. Running a business. Having adversities in life and business as everyone has.


Normal is not normal. Is it a way of living to not daring to share my thoughts. Or are it just priorities as said? A thought came up in my mind that I still do have ideas of ego judgments are coming up. What if I am not known for sharing this in certain areas? In my business life, which is actually no difference as life, a lot of my business contacts don’t have a clue what I am talking about. With this matter of freeing ones ego. What the heck is it then that holds me back to share here my thoughts on these matters?


Just writing this post is just coming up in my mind that I need to do this right know. A lot of times you think: I should do this or that. And you experience you don’t do it at all.


Why is it sometimes so difficult to change your actions? Is it just the fear of sharing your thoughts? Or is it just a habit and comfortable feeling of not dare to share. My ideas which are just coming out of my mind as I wrote the book Freed Ego 22 months ago, are coming form as I call it unconscious levels. Today I had an experience with  a person which I was talking with that made me itch. I wasn’t very aware of it until this evening that I need to take care of sharing these thoughts. How it helps me to find ways of feeling confident in every moment of the day. Confident does not mean that I do like everything. It gives me the feeling of feeling gratefulness. About the things which were happening today.


Now I could consider to wright every night some experiences what happened to me where I am grateful for every night. However this is not the ambition. What I do know is that by blogging this way about thoughts it can be very helpful for others to share thoughts. For getting an audience which I could inspire with my messages, books, writings and speaking, blogging is proven as helpful.


So now my commitment to myself is to write at least two times a week here a thought of the day or whatever comes up. For at least three months and see what happens.


My vision on this is that there is a community of people who are dare to share and care. For themselves and others to influence the world with all the small steps we all make. A lot of times people are saying that to change the world is not possible. Or that the little steps each one of us don’t make a difference. I disagree on that. Every step each one of us takes is influencing the world instantly. It happens all the time.


Just watch around your own area how it is being influenced by the steps you made in the past. Getting aware of it you recognize at a certain point your influence on the change of the world. We all already do. By doing it consciously you can make a huge difference to make step in a direction you want to. In the direction of a certain goal.



Next talk I will go more in details about it. Oh by the way, it is in the book written too.


What are your thoughts about making steps what difference it makes in changing the world?


Fill in your answers in the comment box below.



Create a great day and live it in the now! Péron


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