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Blown away review Ine van Hofstraten

This morning after the yesterday first presentation of the book, I was half asleep and my mind was running and going about what happened yesterday. I couldn’t sleep well anymore 5:30 . I step out of my bed. look at my phone in my e-mail.. It’s 9 hours time difference and I definitely want to stay in touch with my family. There was one e-mail. With the first review of my book form a best selling Belgian author friend. It blew me away. Read This (No words for me anymore):


About ‘Freed Ego – Unlocking Your 7th Sense by Péron van Stralen


With his book Freed Ego, Péron projected me back into time. Forward and Backwards. Over en over again. He made me realize that now is the time to choose my direction. The way I want to go. Not my environment. That my, our purpose here is not to wait for what happens in life. That’s not the reason why we are here. We are here to do things to bring to the world. To inspire. To teach. To touch. That’s our core meaning here.


And if something is going wrong, not the way we want it, we need to change direction. Like he said, “If the pain is higher, make the why bigger, so big that it doesn’t matter anymore if you reach it. It only makes sense what you’re doing in the direction to it. It’s the biggest power you can create for yourself. To use the thoughts so you can change whatever you want in your life. I cannot change the world. I cannot change your life. You are the only one.


Péron van Stralen made a difference with this book. I can truly recommend it to everyone who’s looking for a purpose. Read it so you can reach it. What you always wanted is only a heartbeat away…


Ine Van Hofstraeten


Bestselling Author of ‘Topverkoper in 20 weken, Topverkoper in no-time met de SELL®-methode’& ‘Simpelweg gelukkig zijn’.

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