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Experience your 7th sense February 1th 2014

During these days I am preparing the presentation which I will do at the 1th of February.FreedEGO-3D It will be on stage in La Jolla – California in the US.


Because it’s the first presentation about the topics and benefits you can get out of this book I am searching for the best practices. The crazy thing is that it is the complete book that I have in mind. How can I tell the content and the benefits in just one half an hour? I am asking myself: what would I want to know about the book that I can tell about. Why should should someone read the book? Those kind of question are coming up.


The answers I can give easily I or you could think. And yes it is. However, there is so much to tell. Where should I start. What are the highest priorities? Do you have suggestions?


Actually I am curious what you really think or just want to know about this book. Can you give your reaction on this in the text-box below. Thanks.


PS. There will be physical books limited available in the first period. When you’re not at the event in the US, I do want you to give the possibility to get a copy. I can take a few book s with me after the event in my suitcase.


We created a possibility to order an autographed version on the site. It cost an amount. NOW I want to give the opportunity during 2 weeks after the event to get a free copy. YES for FREE. BUT, I do want to charge for shipping costs. And there is another catch. Share your reason WHY you think you want the book for free on this site.


After that I can send you a message for further handing. Take this opportunity now.


Create it great, live in the NOW. Péron





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