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MILESTONE – Writing part FREED-EGO has been FINISHED!

A huge milestone has been reached today. In 26 days written. The idea to do so, banged in my head on Monday-morning 1st of July 2013. Now 30 days later approximate 60,500 words later I did finish this book. Handwriting. This works for me the best.

It feels great that I did it this fast. Faster than the last time in 2011. With almost the double amount of words. This can be a bit different because this is written in English, the last one in Freed EGO CoverDutch. In Dutch there are less words due to the combined words which in English stays separate. Nevertheless. I did it and it feels good. What I can tell is that this book is more, way more about the functioning minds of human instead of selling- and buying-systems in business and in life. Supportive and non-supportive.

If you asked me three years ago: Would you write a book about the inner world of human beings? I probably would answer: Who me? How the heck would I know how what to write about it.

Here you are, mmm…. I am, yes I did and am still surprised it just took me less than a month time, after I got the idea about this book. Just did it. Great. Now I am going to take a nice glass of … to it. And finish this with CHEARS! On a BACKBONEABLE life with prosperity and abundance for everyone. Right, live in the NOW. Right now.

Yours sincere, Péron

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